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About Us

About UsLogistics and Transportation Discover the Difference with Our Solutions! We have been providingcustomized and creative logistics services for all needs in international transportation with our effective and efficient service motto since our founding in 2011 in order to make a difference in our industry.

In international logistics, we strive to provide special and excellent service to our customers, from small parcels to project transportation, from warehouse to supply chain management, from partial* load transportation to complete transportation. We aim to shape the future of trade with our logistics solutions developed in the changing world.

Raison d'être: Becoming one of the leading players in the logistics sector in Turkey and our existence in the world. Our aim is to support our customers' success, contribute to their goals, and be with them in their future! We know the importance of a solution-oriented approach in logistics services, operational experience to serve international trading companies and on-site and timely support! Our customers' cargo means it is our own cargo, our customers' priority means it is our own priority...

"As SİBEL GLOBAL LOGISTICS, we understand the needs of the sector and our customers and fulfill the requirements of our business with our expertise.

We have an understanding of perfection in our services with our ethical values. We demonstrate our ethical values, which we adopt the understanding of honesty and quality with our business, with the customer service we provide, with our breakthroughs in becoming a leader, and most importantly with our expert staff working with us. Because our experience is our strength!

Our most important mission is not only to do our job in the best way, but also to contribute to humanity and nature ... We value human health and nature and we also take responsibility for its protection. For every job we complete, we donate to TEMA foundation on behalf of you, our future and our children.

Our Manifesto:
  • Transparent, Efficient and Quality Service
  • 24/7 Support
  • Professional and Expert Staff
  • Fast and Safe Delivery
  • Customized Solutions
  • Principle of Perfection
On the way to perfection, as SİBEL GLOBAL LOGISTICS, we are ready for new successes in our profession, which is our passion.

We are at your service as SİBEL GLOBAL LOGISTICS for any special solution for your logistics needs! "