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Sibel Logistics, one of the leading companies in the Iranian market with its transportation from Istanbul, Izmir and Trabzon ports, will diversify its services in the area of customs clearance and warehousing, especially in special project shipments. Chief Executive of Sibel Logistics Erhan Gültekin said, "We have shipping traffic with more than 5 thousand agencies around the world. We transport almost all kinds of goods to Iran and neighboring countries. Medical materials, machines, spare parts, plastic goods, construction materials, durable consumer goods, precious materials, hazardous materials, dry food, special or overflow project loads are the first ones that come to mind".

Stating that they have a new company operating in the logistics sector, Erhan Gültekin said, "We are young as an establishment, but we have an experienced structure as a staff. By combining these two dynamics, we have developed our service area in both the structural and international transportation sector and strengthened our place in the transportation sector with the UTIKAD and DEIK memberships, R2, FIATA documents, with the basis of competence and legality.”

Highlighting that they have a strong structure in air and sea transport, Gültekin stated, "We organize shipments from Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin and Trabzon ports. We help our customers how to deliver their cargo to their receiving parties at the most convenient mode and price. We bring supplies from all the countries to Turkey by airlines, road or maritime transport and we transport them to Iran”. Stating that they provide services in import shipments as well as export oriented transportation, Erhan Gültekin said, “We provide transportation services not only for export but also for import with an understanding of logistics that includes infrastructure, communication network and satisfaction-oriented service. We offer fast and safe service from Iran to Turkey in the import of materials such as petroleum-derived raw materials, zinc or block marble.” Explaining that the authorities of the two countries are making efforts to develop multi-dimensional relations, Erhan Gültekin continued his speech: "The economic potential of both countries is very high. With the mutual agreement on a foreign trade target of 30 billion dollars and the reduction of customs duties in many products or even zeroing of customs duties within the scope of the Preferential Trade Agreement, the economic cooperation has been levelled up significantly."

"Turkey is Europe's gateway to Iran"

Stating that Iran is an important transit point for transporting to the CIS and East Asia, Gültekin said, "The fact that Turkey's position on Iran's gateway to Europe, shows how vital the logistics sector is for the economy of this region. We, as Sibel Global Logistics, are trying to do the best way to be a bridge between the two countries. We always monitor every development that may affect the transportation between the two countries and we carry out our transportation in the most convenient way for our customers."

Source: Dünya Newspaper